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Unpitchable is a weekly comedy podcast released every Saturday!

In early 2016, three men were brought together by destiny and more than a little stupidity, to create a podcast known as Unpitchable. What is Unpitchable? Unpitchable is the malignant brain-child of hosts David Johnson, Nick Kagy, and Tim Catania. Every week, 3 ordinary friends pitch extraordinary fake sequels and mash ups based on your favorite movies.


Nick Kagy

Nick, the podcast doctor. Nick got his Doctor Degree (what he calls it) from Dr. Mario. He has a room in his house dedicated to American Idol season 4 runner ups. He holds Vigils weekly.

Tim Catania

Tim, the podcast dad. Tim likes to spend his time writing, playing video games, ghost riding the whip, and silencing the white-hot inner rage that threatens to take hold of him at any moment.

David Johnson

David, the podcast uncle. David is a paranormal enthusiast who won't stop until the existence of Bigfoot's ghost is proven. He is also a defender of Snowpiercer as a great movie.

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